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Why BlockFrameNFT?

BlockFrameNFT offers a simple and secure means of displaying NFTs with verifiable ownership in your home, office, gallery, and more. Our mobile apps make it easy!

Is it safe?

Our front-end wallet connection is open source, using only official wallet documentation / integration to read public address ONLY. No transactions or gas fees will ever by required by BlockFrameNFT.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping is estimated by USPS standard rates and usually delivers in 2 weeks. NOTE: Buyer is responsible for an import duties and taxes that may be required when receiving international purchses.

What blockchains / wallets are supported?

BlockFrameNFT is the first NFT display frame to support Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos, and Solana NFTs! Our current wallet support includes MetaMask, Temple Wallet, and Phantom Wallet.

Do you rent your displays?

Yes! Check out our Rental page, and contact us at to inquire about rental details!

My NFTs show their unrevealed state in the mobile app - help!

Our mobile app updates by calling on a Rarible API. If you have NFTs showing in their unrevealed state, connect to the Rarible marketplace and refresh the Metadata!

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