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Bring authentic digital art into your physical space

BlockFrameNFT brings your tokenized collection into your home, office, shops, event space or gallery with verifiable proof of ownership. Cast NFTs you own to your physical display frame.


If you're here, you're early. GM!

BlockframeNFT enables to view and cast NFTs you own across different blockchains and wallets. The BlockframeNFT app supports MetaMask(Ethereum), Temple(Tezos) and Phantom(Solana)

All your NFTs in one place!

No problem. BlockFrameNFT has got you covered - connect multiple wallets simultaneously. The entire process of connecting a wallet is secure, transparent and open source

Multiple wallets?

Share your unique URL from the BlockFrameNFT mobile app to a PC or laptop to securely complete your wallet connections. No need to have your wallet on the mobile device

Cast NFTs with ease

Provenance matters. Optionally display a QR code on the casted art, linking to your favorite marketplaces including OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, Magic Eden, Objkt, and more.

 Verifiable Ownership

No email and password required. Generate your mnemonic passphrase, accessible only by you, used ONLY as your login to the BlockFrameNFT mobile app.

Anon Login

Turn on. Connect Wifi. Add frame to your gallery via mobile app.

Simple Setup


The GM1 features a borderless look and 21.5 inches screen, with a top-quality wooden frame with two different color options.


The GM2 features an elegant white mat and exceptional wooden frame quality, offered in four stunning colour options and 21.5 inches screen

Take a sneak peek!

The BlockFrameNFT digital art canvas comes with a high-quality wooden frame, metal hardware casing, and a premium display screen built and optimized for displaying vibrant digital art with jaw-dropping detail and clarity. Choose a frame with a white mat, or borderless for a clean look. Easily change from Portrait to Landscape orientation according to your collection's needs. Setup is simple: turn on, connect to WiFi, and add a frame to your gallery via our mobile app


High quality wooden frame 


Built and optimized for displaying vibrant digital art


Up to four different color options to match your style


Our most premium option boasts a 24 inches 

touchscreen tempered glass display screen, and a thin, highly elegant mat border.


An App for your frame

Cast NFTs you own to your physical display frame with ease and authenticity

All NFTs in one place

Connect multiple wallets

Unlimited NFTs in queue

Verifiable Ownership


Which frame is best for you?

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